Individual Therapy

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Individual Therapy

What keeps you from what you want? I work with individual adults with varied concerns and we find, together, time and time again, that the problem is usually a symptom of something deeper. Move from sadness to lightness, from anxiety to a much more peaceful day to day life, from chaos to calm certainty. Through the use of a combination of Traditional Counseling/Talk Therapy, and the highly transformative modality of Hypnoanalysis, which is psychotherapy in the state of hypnosis, you and I can work together to get you there, much faster than with talk therapy, alone. This entails collaboratively unveiling the origin of your issue and healing it. You can then discover your power, worth and truth and move into your life with lasting core strength and helpful tools. A hallmark of this work is the relative quickness of this process.  Are you experiencing…

  • Anxiety of any kind?
  • Panic episodes?
  • Depression, especially feeling disconnected or “dead inside”?
  • Boundary issues?
  • Low self-esteem?
  • The aftermath of trauma? No matter how long ago?
  • Mid-life renaissance?
  • That things just aren’t “working”?
  • Difficulty finding a partner?
  • As a college student, issues of: performance, choices, stress, relationships? (For more information, click here.)
  • Difficulty living in the “adult world”, no matter your age? (Very common)
  • Relationship issues?
  • Assertiveness/Communication/Personal Power (For more information, click here.)
  • Difficulty finding direction?
  • Vocational issues?
  • Other mood disorders?

These are just some of the issues I help clients to heal with Hypnoanalysis Therapy and Talk Therapy/Traditional Counseling. Let’s get you started now on discovering what is running your problem and healing it so you can get on with your life, feeling much better.

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Chicago Counseling & Hypnosis is located in beautiful and friendly Chicago, IL, on the near north side.

Nina Pernecke, LCSW, Psychotherapist

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