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Thank you for taking a moment to review my information. You may have noticed from taking a look around my site, in addition to Talk Therapy/ Traditional Counseling, I use Hypnoanalysis in my work. This is because I know what it can do for people. It changed my life when I was a client and used this modality. I discovered Hypnoanalysis as a result of my own quest. For decades, I was affected by what I thought was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As a woman who simply had to get things done, earn a living, fulfill her role in her family, grocery shop, take the car in, ”and, and, and”, I had to find help. Thanks to local educational resources, I found it. I took two weeks off of my life in search of healing and I found it in an intensive program of clinical Hypnoanalysis. My mind was blown, my life was blown wide open in the best way and the fatigue ended. I then completed training in residency in this highly effective modality. It serves as a powerful juggernaut for transformation in my practice in Madison, Wisconsin and I now also practice this method in my Lincoln Park office at Chicago Counseling and Hypnosis, which opened in 2018. I enjoy seeing what it does for people, every day. It works for a variety of issues.

I am privileged to be able to help people remember, or discover for the first time, that they are worthy and capable of peace, love, confidence, balance, strength and happiness. I am fortunate to have learned the tools to help them to “get there” either through effective, nurturing, psychotherapy, or through the stronger, faster Hypnoanalysis, which is psychotherapy in hypnosis. My clients develop skills to take with them when they end therapy. These skills serve to carry them through life with core strength and an even certainty.

I am dedicated to your success, to your solutions. This dedication is evidenced by in-between-session accessibility, promptness, and accountability. I also take great care and pride in providing excellent referrals to you in order to complement your experience in therapy, if needed. My goal is that, in the future, you will never have to think of going to therapy again. I look forward to speaking with you about counseling in my Lincoln Park office.

Let’s get you started on living the life for which you have been longing. Call me today at (312) 366-3478. See the bottom of this page for easy and fast contact. Thank you. ~Nina Pernecke


Experience and Education

Experienced Working With:

  • College students. I have also held a thriving private practice office on the west side of the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison for 8 years. UW-Madison is a campus of 60,000 undergraduate students, and thousands of graduate students from all over the world. I have developed extensive expertise in the treatment of this population.
  • People in search of their own power and authenticity. This also has a lot to do with how one communicates. I offer assertiveness & communication training in psychotherapy in addition to powerful Hypnoanalysis for this population.
  • A wide range of clientele, including youth in crisis, experiencing a full spectrum of life challenges including anxiety, panic attacks, depression, life navigation/skill issues, esteem and digestive issues.

I earned a Masters in Science in Social Work- Clinical (Psychotherapy) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010, where I completed two clinical practicums. I then completed advanced, specialized training in private residency in a highly effective, expedient modality of Hypnoanalysis that is the main engine for transformation in my practice and moved into private practice. I am also a  Level I and Level II  Brainspotter (BSP) which I can use as adjunct to Hypnoanalysis.

Professional Associations

National Association of Social Workers

The National Alliance on Mental Illness

Society For Clinical And Experimental Hypnosis

American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysis

American Society Of Clinical Hypnosis

Please note: Chicago Counseling and Hypnosis is a fragrance free setting. Please refrain from wearing fragrance on the day of your appointment. Thank you.

Nina Pernecke LCSW, Psychotherapist

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