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College Student Counseling Chicago- Are you feeling anxious? How does that manifest with you? Would you like to feel more confident in social situations or perform better academically? Are you feeling depressed or not worthy of friendship or connection? Like an outsider? You deserve to have a more rewarding and fulfilling college experience.

College is a time of self, social and intellectual discovery. It is really hard to have that happen, though, if you feel like you are not good enough, what I like to call having a case of “Good-enough-itus”.

My enthusiasm and toolbox for working with college students at this important time in their lives developed while working on campus at UW-Madison, a population of 60,000 undergraduate students and thousands of graduate students. There, I worked as a counselor at University Health Services. I then worked as a psychotherapist at my private practice just off campus. I now practice student counseling in Chicago. The tools I use include: Hypnoanalysis, which is psychotherapy in the state of hypnosis, talk therapy, and also a powerful non-clinical, direct suggestion hypnosis for help with tests, social confidence, and much more. For more about these tools, click here.  I also can create custom MP3s and send them to you for you to listen to before tests, or before a big weekend. Part of this work is my accessibility via tech. I am available for quick scheduling by e-mail and phone–to- text, many times within half an hour and I am happy to offer between session access via phone for 20 minute check–ins or longer.

In this program of therapy, students discover:

  • The misinformation within themselves that is keeping them from what they want, which is, commonly, peace, performance and confidence.
  • Who they really are, on their terms. It is quite a transformation and authentically all them.
  • Methods of self-care that can be life changing. Self Hypnosis is the highly effective “construction work” of the Alpha and Theta brain waves and it is quite the hack. Meditation is the soothing state of simply… being… while in those brain waves. Both have their different uses and can change one’s life.
  • Increased confidence in their capacity to handle social situations well.
  • Freedom from the anxiety that makes them think too much, that makes their body nervous and gets in the way of a positive college experience.
  • An authentic, lasting understanding that they are good enough and worth what they desire in life.

Call or e-mail me today to receive your free phone consultation about these services. See contact field below for details.

Chicago Counseling & Hypnosis is located in beautiful and friendly Chicago, IL, on the near north side.

Nina Pernecke, LCSW, Psychotherapist

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