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Nina Pernecke, LCSW, Psychotherapist, Hypnoanalyst, Coach
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“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung

Your Success

Committed to your success, driven by your goals, this solutions-focused, collaborative therapy is truly transformative. I offer a highly effective and specialized method of psychoanalysis in the state of hypnosis called Hypnoanalysis as well as talk therapy while not in hypnosis. Hypnoanalysis, especially, follows a general theme and it is quicker than talk therapy. In this therapy, the work follows a general theme.

  • Unveiling the cause of the problem with you, on your terms.
  • Helping you to remove this barrier, this often hidden conditioned response, through analysis and release.
  • Facilitating your discovery of your core truth, power and worth.
  • Helping you to live your life with new tools, core truth, power and freedom.
  • A hallmark of my work is the relative quickness of this process. After reaching their goals, my clients frequently prefer to continue with a once or twice a month schedule because hypnosis is so very therapeutic.

If you are looking for a counselor in Chicago, if you really want to get started on the rest of your life, investigate this information further and contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you.


As a counselor in the beautiful city of Chicago, I work with people who are age 18 years or older who are looking to unveil their barriers and then access their own clarity, self-direction, security and healing in the following areas:

The Hypnoanalysis Program Or the Talk Therapy Option

The highly personalized, powerfully transformative program of Hypnoanalysis helps people progress in their lives quickly. Collaboratively, we:

  • Unveil hidden barriers to feeling good and to your success.
  • Release the trauma, pain and barriers from your mind and body, clearing the way for success.
  • Reveal what is true for you and who you really are and set you on your path, firmly.

What is Hypnosis, what is the difference between Hypnoanalysis and Talk Therapy, and what is Non-Clinical Hypnosis? Click the “Read more” link below.

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College Students

Are you experiencing anxiety, pressure or depression about academic or social performance? How are you feeling about your relationships? Through the work of talk therapy, Hypnoanalysis, and non-clinical hypnosis (learn more, here), student clients discover and enjoy:

  • Increased confidence in their capacity to handle social situations well.
  • Powerful methods of self care for personal mastery of themselves in this life.
  • Freedom from anxiety and nervousness in their minds and bodies.
  • Non-clinical hypnosis for academic success, social confidence, public speaking, and more.
  • Access to my support between sessions via phone as they move through this healing and learning process. Parents enjoy knowing their child has access to this powerful support and therapy.
  • SKYPE and FaceTime coaching that is also available for study abroad clientele and when student clients are at internship or home on break, across the country or abroad.

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Peaceful Power™

Do you:

  • Feel frustrated, storing the words that you really want to say?
  • Feel guilty and ruminate when asking for what you want or when saying “no” to what you don’t want?
  • Dream of, and cringe about setting boundaries that will serve you in a healthy way?

This collaborative course of Hypnoanalysis and talk therapy:

  • Unveils and removes hidden barriers against peaceful, powerful communication and boundary setting.
  • Reveals your beautiful, powerful voice.
  • Teaches assertiveness and communication skills, outside of hypnosis, giving you feelings of confidence, peace and ease.

You can communicate directly, clearly and set boundaries elegantly, peacefully and powerfully. Set yourself free.

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Licensed Psychotherapist, Hypnoanalyst, Peaceful PowerTherapist and College Student Specialist
Nina Pernecke, LCSW

Nina Pernecke, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist who completed her Masters training in clinical social work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and now practices a powerful method of hypnosis counseling in Chicago called Hypnoanalysis. She has completed private residency training in clinical hypnosis and Hypnoanalysis and is a certified Hypnoanalyst. Aside from working with individuals with a wide variety of issues, including anxiety and depression, Nina has developed specialties in working with people who experience barriers to peace, power and communication, which can cause frustration, anxiety and depression in their lives. She also specializes in working with college students in the areas of anxiety, performance, social issues, relationships and much more.

Call or e-mail me now to schedule a complimentary 20 minute initial phone consultation to discuss services and to ensure the right fit for you.

Professional Associations

National Association of Social Workers

The National Alliance on Mental Illness

Society For Clinical And Experimental Hypnosis

American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysis

American Society Of Clinical Hypnosis

verified by Psychology Today

What is possible for you in life? Are you ready for peace? For transformation?
Replace anxiety, insecurity, depression and various trauma responses with a powerful discovery of your own, unshakable core.

What is secretly running you?
Unveil and remove the hidden barriers to your goals, find your most powerful core of security and peace to access all of the time, especially when you need it most.

Do unpleasant people invade your space, get to you? Would you rather be at the affect of unpleasant people? Or…
securely rooted in your powerful core, senior in your space, with full control over your experience in your day to day life and relationships?

How do you treat yourself in  your head?
End the torture. Now. Sustainably take a valuable, loving and powerful self reference with you into your life. Surfing this ocean of life can be easier.

Are you in need of support in a particularly difficult time and simply need to talk to someone in a safe, comfortable and accepting environment?
I am here for you in office and on the phone.

I encourage you to explore these pages about the transformative counseling and hypnosis services and programs I offer here in Chicago. Beginning therapy is an important decision that could bring about decreased stress, greater well-being and contentment with the direction of your life.

Chicago Counseling & Hypnosis is located in beautiful and friendly Chicago, IL, on the near north side.

Nina Pernecke, LCSW, Psychotherapist

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